Warming up before golfÖour pro staff can help

November 7th, 2013

How to play golf: Warming up

Itís no secret that golf can be good for your health. Youíre outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, socializing with people. You use your muscles, coordination, and aim as you play. And if you walk between holes and carry your equipment, you add an additional fitness component to your golf outing.

However, to keep golf beneficial for you, itís important that you do the proper warm-ups. Without warming up, you put yourself at greater risk over time for injuries. Even if youíre otherwise a fit person who regularly takes on more rigorous exercise, before any given activity you need to prepare your body; all it can take is one full, awkward swing to give your unprepared muscles and cartilage an injury.

When it comes to how to play golf, here are some of the things that can help prepare you:

  • Give yourself time, before any practice play or stretching, to just walk around to get your blood flowing and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the green. Along with preparing your body, you also want to prepare your mind; if youíre feeling calmer, your muscles will be less tense.
  • There are different stretches you can do. Itís actually best to consult with your doctor about the kinds of stretches that would be good for an individual with your body type and level of fitness. In addition, you can take advice from golf instructors and golf pros; hereís one example, from Golf Digest, of some warm-up stretches, along with several additional suggestions from the Mayo Clinic. Keep the movements gentle; avoid doing stretches that feel painful or awkward.
  • First, spend some time doing slower, easier warm-up shots on the putting green. Only after youíve spent some time in lighter practice putting, stretched, and gotten your circulation flowing should you move on to fuller swings.

Youíll learn more about warming up from reputable instructors, such as the ones at our golf course; furthermore, theyíll help you achieve proper grip, posture, and movement, which in turn will reduce your chances of injury, not to mention improve your game. Golf is an incredible sport, healthy for the body and mind, so donít hesitate to contact us to set up your next lesson with one of our top professionals.

Thanks and Golfingly yours!

Scott Morgan, PGA

General Manager/Head Golf Professional


Reasons to consider hiring a Golf Pro to help you with your game

October 16th, 2013

When it comes to improving your golf score, you can either go it alone or hire a golf pro to help you perfect your technique. If youíve never considered using a golf pro, perhaps itís because you havenít taken time to think about all the benefits you could enjoy by doing so.

If you suffer from aches and pains after a few rounds of golf, your swing could be the culprit. A golf pro will quickly be able to identify any habits you have that could be causing you to overextend certain muscles, thereby causing these aches and pains to happen. You can also learn some effective warm-up exercises to do that will help eliminate your suffering as well.

Golf lessons are tailored to your particular skill level. This can be helpful if you normally play with others who are not quite as advanced as you are, since they probably wonít be able to give you pointers that would help you. Lessons will also progress at your own pace, so you will never feel pressured to accomplish more than what you are capable of.

A golf pro will also show you ways to overcome your individual weaknesses. In fact, a golf pro will likely be able to identify the cause of these weaknesses as well. Youíll probably find out some things about your golf game that you never realized before, and are more likely to be conscious of them whenever you are in actual play as well.

While there are numerous advantages to private lessons, there are times when group lessons might be better for you. Consider taking lessons with family members in order to spend quality time with one another, or join another group for lessons and make new friends that share a common interest.

Here at The Lakes at El Segundo, we offer private lessons in addition to group sessions and clinics so you can easily perfect your golf game and have fun in the process. To schedule a session with our golf pro, contact ustoday.

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